WCS (Wafer Contamination Scanner)M300

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WCS (Wafer Contamination Scanner)M300

WCS-M300 utilizes ICP-MS(Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry)
for further detecting and characterizing metal trace on wafer surface.

·Agilent sensor used
(others sensors can be adopted).
·Inductively coupled plasma
ionizes the sample.
·Metal contaminant detection can detect
down to one part per trillion
·Detection Limit-1X107
atoms/cm2 on 300mm wafer
·Survey Limit-over 60 elements
in a single survey.

  • Scanning

  • ν Applicable wafer materials
  • ·extended applicability to various materials by patented scan nozzle system
  • ·very hydrophobic ~ hydrophilic surface
  • ·possible to scan patterned wafers and glasses
  • ν Scan mode
  • ·full, radial, edge scan and point scan
  • ·wafer rotation & nozzle linear motion


  • ν Detection limit
  •   @Bare Wafer / Surface VPD
  •  Less than 1x107 atoms/cm2
  • ν Auto Calibration
  •   @22 element / 15min
  •  R : 0.997

WCS-M300 Dimension