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IR Heating System

Our company secures various products and independent technology for IR heating
and providing it by technical cooperation with ThermoRiko in Japan under domestic market exclusive agreement.

  • High speed, high temperature
    MAX. heating rate 150 ℃/s reaching 1,500 ℃ at maximum.

  • Non-contact heating
    Enable to heat the sample without physically contacting it.

  • Pinpoint heating
    Heating only the samples without surroundings.

  • Clean-heating
    Eliminating the risk of air pollution.

  • 360 °degrees
    Infrared beams irradiates the sample from any angle 360 °

  • 5 × 10 -9 Pa at maximum
    Enable to heat the samples in a vacuum atmosphere.

  • Easy to add on
    Can be attached to your equipment.

  • Cost saving
    Less investment cost compared to conventional heating systems.