WCS (Wafer Contamination Scanner)

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WCS (Wafer Contamination Scanner)

Powerful, fully automated wafer metal-contaminant detection System.
Developed in collaboration with a major semiconductor Company

  • Key characteristics include the following

  • ·Fully automated and equipped with EFEM, automatic
  • calibration for quantitative analysis
  • ·Patented scanning nozzle works on various wafer surfaces
  • including hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, patterned
  • wafer and glasses.
  • ·chemical supply system that autimatical residue removal,
  • which improves safety.
  • ·Flexible scan mode (i.e. full, radial, sector, chip mapping)
  • and can be customized
  • ·Higher etching speed from its improved nebulizer and spraying knife