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Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy (TDS) is a device to measure and analyze desorbed gas from
the surface of the sample by heating the temperature of the sample. It can take precise information
about the binding energy of each molecule. It is possible to check the change and composition
of the gas in ultra - high vacuum area until trace amount and to measure the change according
to the temperature and time as qualitative and quantitative. The sensitivity is best in analysis
technology and superior in safety because it is chemical free.

What is TDS?

TDS is a device to measure and analyze the gas separated from the surface of the sample increasing the temperature of sample.
It is used for analysis and prevention of the cause by qualitative and quantitative analysis of the emission gas generated during the process.

Quantitative Analysis

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Why TDS?

Simple Idea:
Adsorbed particles with different binding energies will desorb at different temperature.


  • - Semiconductor and display material analysis
  • - Vehicle and steel material hydrogen analysis
  • - Ultrapure material and trace amount analysis

Impurities (Outgassing rate) test method according to the heating is generally performed with TDS method, but local and direction directive wafer real - time impurities mapping measuring diagnosis method is not defined globally until so far and the system possible to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis at the same time is nonexistent. We provide the TDS system overcoming these disadvantages.

Performance Comparisions

The TDS of IVT has higher competitiveness than the competitors such as Calibration, Heating, Pumping Speed and so on.
Also, we provide DAQ software which is convenient to user according to the application field.