(Thermal Desorption Spectroscope)

Recently, most of the semiconductor processes are performed during vacuum, and the reality is that it is very difficult to analyze the abnormalities that occur during the processes. Therefore, a measuring equipment called the TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy) is required to analyze and prevent the cause of the fault in advance through the qualitative / quantitative analysis of the outgas that occurs during the processes.

(Wafer-Level Impurity Mapping System)

TDS shows similar sensitivity without requiring high-priced analysis systems like the existing VPD-ICP-MS or TXRF, and it is the first system that enables on-line monitoring on the semiconductor production line through minimum preconditioning requirement.

Ceramic pebbles
The existing ceramic ball production method has limitations such as ball size and production of impurities, so it is difficult for application in the production method of proliferation material for nuclear fusion reactors using lithium titanium oxide. Lithium titanium oxide (Li2TiO3) is used as the tritium proliferation material for nuclear fusion reactors. The company developed the manufacturing system enabling mass production of 50kg or more annually.