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  • We supply cutting edge products such as vacuum devices, testing devices, precision components
    and so on related with semiconductor and display manufacturing since its establishment in 2008.

    Currently, vacuum technology becomes core cutting edge industrial basic technology over
    various industrial areas such as space engineering, biotechnology, material engineering, chemical
    engineering and so on. As such, we manufacture and supply various products from small size
    devices for research to large scaled devices for manufacturing such as R&D vacuum devices,
    semiconductor testing devices, manufacturing display process devices, semiconductor furnaces,
    chemical application valves and so on.

    We have been accumulating various manufacturing experience and knowhow for precision
    components and cutting edge vacuum devices manufacturing technologies and so on by the joint
    project with companies, universities and R&D centers, and especially, continuous intangible value
    increasing rate will be correspondingly because there is technical support from Semiconductor
    Measuring Device Team in Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science.

    We promise we will be a major partner reliable for the customers with our best effort to supply best
    products by continuous quality improvement and technical innovation based on constant effort and
    passion with young and experienced talented people having the capacity and dynamism in the
    future. Also, we promise we will do our best for localization project for materials, parts and devices
    as a cooperative partner for national cutting edge industrial companies and government contribution
    R&D center of major semiconductor, display and so on such as Samsung Electronics, Korea
    Research Institute of Standards and Science, National Fusion Research Institute and so on.